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BSO Tax Consultants is an
independent firm provide whole of tax solution.
We have over 30 year's combined experience in the field of Taxes including VAT serving clients from different nationalities, all sort of industries and regions. around the world.We have our offices in UK, Ireland, and Australia and have forged relationships with accountancy firms in the world's major trading cities. We have helpd hundreds of clients in VAT registration, implementations, and compliances in many countries and now we are here in United Arab Emitares to start help our customers in this market too! Our approach is to build long-standing relations with our clients built on trust and understanding, investment significant time in understanding your affairs, your future objectives and aspirations. We are specialists in a range of sectors, including:



Strong tax advice and careful proactive tax planning is central to our taxation and accounting services for businesses and entrepreneurs from the very first day of our relation. We are here to help bringing back the equilibrium to normal constantly and can install tools for you to monitor your taxable position throughout. Our concept is simple, you work on your core business and leave the rest to us.

Value Added Tax

VAT is quite often more complex than any other tax regime around the world, for example if you are property developers or trade with GCC. The VAT notices specific to certain industries or transactions are very detailed and you would need a strong advice and planning before the transaction or your businesses may inadvertently overpay or underpay VAT.

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We offer international tax consultancy services to both corporations and individuals who are engaged in overseas business activity. We have our presence in London, Dublin and Melbourne and have forged relation with other accountancy firms around the globe to assist you in your tax planning.

We can also advise you onyour foreign income and tax residency issues or if you are planning to leave the UK for another suitable overseas jurisdiction


The income tax treaty (the Treaty), signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and many countries around the globe. Therefore, according to Articles 26, the provisions of the Treaty will apply in relation to withholding and other taxes. All the articles associated with the treaty need a careful but strong understanding of the tax impact and understanding of double taxation and relief thereafter.

Historically, tax residence was determined by being in any country in excess of 6 months or 182 days in any local tax year. However, due to the increase in mobility and new ways of global investments techniques,this has changed by many countries and now each jurisdiction has its own tests, rules and declarations. Which is why it gets more complicated to define whether you are a tax resident in one country or dual resident.

We have clients who are tax residents in one country, and non-residents and domiciled in another country including Pilots, non-dom directors of dual nationalities living only certain days in any country in a month and other high net worth individuals having relevant foreign incomes from different sources around the globe.

If you are individual who is domiciled in one country but have ties and live in another country, contact us today and we will work hard to take into account everything to make sure we define your status clearly and precisely.


Accounting and Bookkeeping


Accounting and Bookkeeping is always tedious, but must be done! Avoiding mistakes and last minute scrambles is what we help you do.

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Start Ups & Buiness Advice

business advisory

Every start up is preoccupied with building and expanding its own client base, why waste time on compliance and tax issues?

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Due diligence


We are well connected, have forged our relationships with Legal, Banking, financial institutions and others to structure the deal for you.

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Part Time CFO

CFO services

Grow text-centering businesses often reaches a point where you need professional financial advice, but can't afford a full-time CFO or controller. Today’s SME face an ever-changing and increasingly difficult and competitive business environment.

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Foreign Expansion

Our experienced team can guide you whether you are looking to expand overseas, already running overseas operations, or planning to leave the UAE for another suitable overseas jurisdiction. Many of our existing clients either trade with overseas or have foreign presence in the world major cities. We have forged relationships with accountancy firms in the world’s major trading cities including Singapore, Dubai, New York, Dublin, Athens, Kuala Lampur, Sydney to name few...

If you are planning to expand overseas, we are prepared to get with you on the same plane.For more detailscontact us.

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