What is Xero, and why is it so special?

Xero is a global company with offices in the US, EMEA, Australia and New Zealand. Xero is the emerging leader in online accounting software.

Xero is an inspirational new take on accounting software that will simplify and streamline your accounts and integrate with over 500 Apps. It has been created especially for small and medium businesses suiting your requirements so that you are in control of things. Just the way it should be.

  • Cloud-based. All of your data is securely stored online
  • Mobile. Accessible wherever and whenever you need via any device with an internet connection
  • Real-time. Data is continuously updated so you know you’ll never miss out any information
  • Better easy Integration
  • Bank-feed automation

BSO and Xero

We were probably one of the first firms who not only used Xero but admired it a lot, encourage lots of clients to use it, made our process of communication easier and helped us becoming paper free office to some extent. Using Xero with a traditional compliance-only accountant would be like having an orchestra without a conductor: great potential, but lacking direction. So, here’s where we come in. At BSO, we’re a friendly bunch of Xero experts, committed to offering a proactive, interactive and understandable accounting service to business owners. We understand small businesses and we understand Xero.

Make your mind, and we are here to implement it, off course you have 30 days free trial.

Xero Apps and Integrations

One of the great benefits of using Xero is that it integrates with over 500 other tools and services (apps) to help streamline your accounting. A selection of our favourites include:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Google Apps

At BSO we understand how to make technology work for our clients. To find out more, or to get started with Xero please get in contact with a member of our team today!

Xero Mobile for Employees - Xero

Xero Mobile for Employees - Xero